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Bebek Goreng Kremes

Bebek Goreng Kremes

Fried Duck with Crunchy Flakes

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Bebek Goreng Kremes (Fried Duck with Crunchy Flakes) is an alternative of our famous Ayam Goreng Kremes. It's in the same concept with our Fried Chicken but will have a different sensation due to the texture produced by Duck meat.


  • 1 Pack of Fried Duck (2 Leg Pieces)
  • 1 Pack of Chilli and Crunchy Flakes


  1. Make a tiny hole on the Fried Chicken Pack
  2. Microwave vacuum packed Fried Chicken for 3 min
  3. Set Oven or Air fryer to 200c and heat for 6 min
  4. Garnish to your liking (Chilli, Crunchy Flakes)
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