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Sup Buntut

Sup Buntut

Oxtail Soup

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Oxtail soup is made using beef tails and is probably a development of the 17th century oxtail soup popular in London created by Flemish Huguenot immigrants and brought to Indonesia by the Dutch. It has legendary status in Indonesia mainly due to its resurgence in the 1970s.


  • 1 Pack of Oxtail (200 gram)
  • 1 Pack of Mix Vegetables and Soup
  • 1 Pack of Chilli
  • 1 Container of Fried Shallots


  1. Combine Oxtail with Soup and Mix Vegetable on a bowl
  2. Microwave Soup combined for 5 min
  3. Garnish to your liking (Fried Shallots, Chilli)
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